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What to Know Before Buying

How to Choose Ceiling Tiles

What to know before you buy.

Popular Mechanics

How To Install a Suspended Ceiling

This is great step-by-step guide from Popular Mechanics, though the navigation is a little clunky. From the home page, hit the "Getting Started" link (under the title), then to move through the steps click the ">" symbol next to Step you are on, to move to the next step.


Installing Suspended Ceilings

This article has good hints about project planning, very clear illustrations, and a good Tool & Material Checklist at the end.


Installing Direct Mount Ceiling Tiles

Though geared toward the older, tongue-and-groove 12" X 12" tiles, this guide gives good layout tips, and and has a good section about installing over furring strips.

Old House Web

How to Install Tin (metal) Ceiling Tiles - Nail Up / Glue Up

A good step-by-step guide, with helpful illustrations and tips on painting and finishing. Safety tip: Watch those sharp edges!

Better Than Tin

How to Install Tin (vinyl) Ceiling Tiles - Nail Up / Glue Up

A short video and clear illustrations make this simple project even simpler.


How To Replace Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Replacing suspended ceiling tiles is a great way to quickly improve the look of any room, and it's easy!


How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

What you need to know, from testing to clean-up, and some good points about "covering" vs "removing".


How To Paint Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

It is more work than replacing, or refacing them, but here's how to do it!


How To Reface a Suspended Ceiling

Leave the old tiles in place, slide new ones Left under them, for a whole new look with a lot less work.

Ceiling Link Install Tips

How To Install a Low Profile Suspended Ceiling Grid

For areas with limited headroom, this is a great option.